Round 1 Critiques – Pursuits

In this round, we are just trying to nail down the basic visual design. Please keep in mind many aspects of the website will not function! I do not do wireframes, because I know most of my customers have a hard time visualizing how the website will look as a finished product.  Please review the site on a desktop. I will mobile optimize the website after I get the initial approval, but for now, it won’t work well on mobile devices. Please click on each of the links to take a visual look at them, make sure that they represent your business and will resonate with your customers.

A note for large teams:

I recommend choosing someone on your team who you respect and trust to make final decisions on design. I guarantee you won’t all agree on the design! I have done research on your target audience and have designed something specifically designed for them, but I do want to make sure you are happy with the design and it represents you and your business.

How I design:

I’ve pulled up case studies for coaching companies, and the most successful coaching companies in the country. I’ve broken down their design and looked through their user flow and sales funnels. With that in mind, I’ve also looked through the content you have, and the most successful websites in your region to create a design best suited to your target audience. I’ll provide a list of some of the best websites for your reference. My goal with this design is to create a sense of positivity and support. I also want to make sure that each coach has room to shine, and that there are actionable elements on every single page.

How many rounds of edits do you get?

As part of your contract, you get 2 rounds of design proposals. If you need more, we will have to add more to the budget. The only times I have needed more than the two design rounds were when a committee could not agree upon a design and wanted more demos before making a choice. Please let me know if you would like more design options so I can send you a quote.

Please take a look at the following links:

(Please ignore the sidebar, there will be a sidebar, but it will provide actionable links to other pages on the site such as your Quest for Success workshop) Beth’s Mentor Page – This bio is completely filled with a quote, testimonials, and a specialty Melissa Hoyer’s Mentor Page – This page is missing some fields including testimonials and a specialty, but it shouldn’t look like it’s missing any categories to the customer. Please Download the Sitemap for Approval: Sharla – Site Map

Round 1 Critique

  • Sitemap

    One of the biggest struggles with using your old website was the difficulty in navigating the site, and there was no clear action to take. I’ve simplified the navigation to just pathways that convert in the header. I’ve eliminated dropdown menus completely in the header menu in favor of adding landing pages that better guide users through your site. You will get a sort of sub website feel in the coach website part and the services part that will help your users find the services they are most interested in (This will also increase the social media value of each individual page).
  • Top bar and header menu

    One of the most important things to consider is “What you’re asking your customer to do on your website”. I’ve designed a new header that should guide your customer to take action in a category that is valuable to you.
  • Colors

    I’ve pulled colors from your logo. Blue: 2088b2 Main color, used for headers Orange: ee5a3c – accent color used to draw the eye. Yellow: fff472 Used to compliment the blue, and draw the eye to items that are in “blue zones” Grey Black: #7a7a7a – this is used for non-accent fonts. It is complient with ADA color contrast regulations.
  • Fonts

    Oswald: Header Font Roboto: Body Font These fonts were chosen because they coordinate well with your logo font (Futura), and are a good balance of friendly and professional.
  • Background Sunburst

    Because of the size of your website, and the amount of text necessary, I wanted to create a template for your website that is still visually interesting without being distracting. I’ve added a simple non-distracting sunburst as the background of each page.
  • General notes

    Overall I’ve focused on dividing up the text visually to make it easier for your customers to read valuable information by skimming. We’ll look for typos in the future, but at this point I just want to make sure the design is right for you and your business.
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