Impact Hub Boulder

A website with a focus on community

I have to admit, I had A LOT of fun designing the new website for Impact Hub Boulder – a local coworking space. I met together with their team to talk high level strategy, and to really nail down their branding.

Impact Hub is a bright cheerful space located in downtown Boulder. They have a brilliant group of people who run the space, and instantly make you feel like you’re part of a community. They also host events that help drive action, making Boulder a better place.

My mission when creating this website was to highlight their community, and give Impact Hub members added value by featuring them. 

A few things to look for on Impact Hub Boulder’s website:

  • The website is fully responsive – so it looks great on desktop, mobile, or anything else
  • Interactive calendar so you can easily find upcoming events
  • Lighthearted friendly design – this isn’t a stuffy space where you clock in and clock out. Impact Hub Boulder is a cheerful space where you’ll find people to celebrate your accomplishments!
Impact Hub Boulder Mobile Website
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